Our hair is one of our most defining features,it is constantly on display and there is a large amount of pressure from television adverts to keep it maintained nicely and tidily. Voluptuous,long,smooth hair is mostly what is shown to all the public and one of the main ways of achieving this look is by using … Read more

The procedure of changing a person’s hair color can be done by a chemical procedure known as Hair Coloring. SILU Hair Coloring can be permanent or temporary and the lasting effects are strong-minded,in part,by the texture of the individual’s hair. For decades now,men and females have been coloring their hair as a way to achieve … Read more

Besides using natural shampoos,a natural conditioner for damaged hair is a must. This is because organic conditioners do not have any irritants; hence,they are mild and will not harm your scalp. Not only are they gentle,but they can revive dull hair. The numerous natural hair-care products in the conditioners such as beta glucan,aloe vera,coconut oil … Read more

SILU Hair Care Manufacturing Co. Ltd,With the great passion in hair beauty field,SILU hair care have innovated new concept Hair Treatments. For More Information About Hair Natural Styling. But did you know applying a few drops of these formulations,daily on your skin, will not just hydrate and revitalise your skin,their specific healing properties will also … Read more

SILU Marula oil comes from the fruit kernels of the marula tree,one of southern Africa’s great indigenous fruit trees. This pure oil has long been used as a nourishing skin moisturiser by women in southern Africa,thanks to its unique composition of fatty acids,vitamins and minerals. A natural facial moisturiser We tend to think of plant … Read more

As soon as that we observe worrying levels of hair strands dropping,the very first measure that instantly comes up is finding a good hair loss shampoo. It’s a good idea that you find one that retains a good assure in rebuilding your hair to its unique thickness. Finding the Mild Moisturizing Hair Shampoo is going … Read more

Everyone wants to have hair that looks perfect and healthy. Instead of products made from chemicals that led to longer term issues,many people are now looking for products with natural ingredients. One such example would be Olive Oil Hair Products. With valuable nourishing properties,olive oil hair products help improve overall look,feel and manageability of hair. … Read more

Did you know SILU Keratin hair products have alike smell like that of Johnson baby products. After undertaking the smoothing keratin treatment it leaves the hair feel silky smooth with tons of volume, while there are again some smoothing treatments which help the hair seem to boost moisture. The smoothing treatment consists of avocado oil … Read more

Hair quality depends upon various factors,such as heredity which may be beyond your control,but lifestyle and diet are definitely within your control. The quality of your hair will depend upon the kind of nourishment you provide it Certain oils are known to work as natural hair loss treatments. Although they do not promise to grow … Read more

The best Plant Extracts Hair Oil is incredibly nourishing for your hair and not at all greasy to fulfill your dream of long shiny hair. Oiling has been a beauty ritual from time immemorial,especially in our country. While most of my clients like to oil regularly,they complain about the paucity of time and the various … Read more