SLUJ Hair Repairing Oil 25ml

  • Guangdong, CHINA
  • Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • 7-15 days
  • 25ML/120
  • Transparent Liquid

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Product Details

Basic Information: 

Model Name:  SLUJ Hair Repairing Oil 25ML

Apperance:   Oil  with  Fragrance

Specification:  25ml/1*120

Brand :  SILU

Origin:  Guangdong, CHINA

Quality Standard:  ISO90001: 2008

Lead Time:  7-15 days                  



This product is great for damaged hair and hair care research and development of multi-plant elements, containing butter acid essence, fiber softener and moisturizing factor, able to cater for a variety of damaged hair,providing nutrition and supple care,long-term use,can effectively repair damaged cortex, so that hair  more supple, elegant. 


1.Start with one pump and rub between hands. Apply more if needed. 

2.Distribute evenly concentrating on mid-shafts and ends. 

3.Reapply anytime of day


1. Rinse with plenty water in case of contact with eyes.

2. Keep at cool place, beyond the reach of children.

OEM/ODM Service:

1.  Fragrance and color according to your requirement.

2.  Can put your private label.

3.  Packing design according to your requirement.

OEM Flow:

Customer Photos and Quality Certificate:

Factory Brief:

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