SILU Oil Energy Nourishing Shampoo

Product Details

SILU Oil Energy Shampoo

             help improve the hair’s softness and moisture retention without remaining greasy or weighing the hair down


Perfect Match For
•          Dry split ends, 
untangled hair

•          Color-treated,  keratin-treated hair  


Beautiful Benefits
•         Pleasant light scent

•         Infused with Avocado Essence, its high proportion in Vitamins and Potassium that help tame dry, frizzy, brittle or damaged hair.

•         The amino acid will penetrate your scalp, improve the overall condition of your scalp. 


How To Get The Most From This Product

•         Wet your hair, press small amount onto your hair;

•         Rub it and distribute it on your hair, massage gently and then rinse with water. repeate twice if needed.


Available in  500ml/1*36pcs; 800ml/1*24pcs


1. Rinse with plenty water in case of contact with eyes.

2. Keep at cool place, beyond the reach of children.

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