ID AROMA Mild Clarifying Shampoo For Oily Scalp Dry Ends

  • Guangdong, CHINA
  • Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • 7 DAYS
  • 300ML/48; 500ML/36 800ML/24
  • Transparent Liquid

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Product Details

Basic Information:
Model Name:  ID Aroma Gentle Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Hair
Apperance:  Transparent Liquid 
Specification:  300ML/1*48pcs 500ml/1*36pcs 800ML/1*24pcs 
Brand :  SILU
Origin:  Guangdong, CHINA
Quality Standard:  ISO90001: 2008
Lead Time:  7-10 days                 
2. Transparent texture shampoo for oily scalp but very gentle on the hair, can be used every day.
2. It can help remove the excess grease of scalp while protecting our hair ends.


1. Press proper amount clarifying shampoo and place it in the palm of the hand.
2. Massage the oily scalp using a circular motion; afterwards use the finger to massage it up and down.
3. Then rinse of with dukewarm water;
4. For better effect, apply less oily hair shampoo in the hair itself again, massage it and then rinse off;

1. Rinse with plenty water in case of contact eyes.
2. Keep at cool place, byond the reach of children.


Customer Photos & Quality Certificate:


OEM/ODM Service:
1.  Fragrance and color according to your requirement.
2.  Can put your private label.
3.  Packing design according to your requirement.


Factory Brief:

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