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How To Treat Your Hair After Dying?

How to treat your hair after dying?

2016-07-08 17:00:44

Nowadays more and more people pursuit of changing hair colors from time to time. But what will you do if color fading after hair dye? How to do the hair care after dyeing?

Firstly , do not wash your hair within three days after dying. As the Hydrolipidic film can cover the hair scalp, thus form a natural film to protect against the alkaline pigment whist reduce the dry damage.


Secondly , hair scales will open after dying, so at this very moment, we should apply UV block spray to anti sunscreen before go out; also need color preservative hair mask to repair instantly.


Thirdly, be aware of the PH value of the shampoo you choose and the time you wash your hair;

Strictly follow the below rules:

Do not use hot water to wash hair, do no take sauna, swimming;


Avoid to use the higher alkaline shampoo. As alkaline shampoo can help open hair follicle, thus inducing pigment loss, hair dry.


Use Acidic nutrious hair mask to protect hair, make hair smooth, lustrous;

Do not bind your hair before dry out, when blow dry, pls do from the hair root to hair ends with cool air.

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