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Best Hair Relaxer for Curly Hair

  • Guangdong, CHINA
  • Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • 7-10 DAYS
  • 1000ML
  • White Cream

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Product Details

Basic Information:
Model Name:  Best Hair Relaxer for Curly Hair     
Apperance:  White Cream 
Specification:  1000ML/1*30pcs
Brand :  SILU
Origin:  Guangdong, CHINA
Quality Standard:  ISO90001: 2008
Lead Time:  7-10 days                 
1. Contains Milk extracts amino acid, Vitamin F, which can be deeply and rapidly penetratedinto inside hair.
2. The product can strongly control the inner structure of the hair, make the hair more naturally straight and long-lasting shinning, let the hairhealth and charming;


1.    Wash your hair cleanly first and make it 80% dry;
2.    Apply the cream evenly to the hair (0.2cm from the hairroot), check the softness of hair from time to time;  For strong hair at least 25~50minutes, itdepends how hair has been softened;
3.    Use combs to comb the hair from the root to the end for 2 times,then rinse it off with water (no need shampoo) and to 80% dry.
4.   Make the hair breadthwise into layers(about 1cm for eachlayer), then using iron clip to make the hair straight (temperature should noless than 120 degree) for 2-3 times;
5.    Wash your hair three days later (exclude the day you) withshampoo, then dry it to 80%, apply some amino acid keratin essential oil forbetter effect;


1. Rinse with plenty water in case of contact eyes.
2. Keep at cool place, beyond the reach of children.
3. Pregrant women is forbidden.

Customer Photos & Quality Certificate:


OEM/ODM Service:
1.  Fragrance and color according to your requirement.
2.  Can put your private label.
3.  Packing design according to your requirement.


Factory Brief:

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